Burlesque, Yoga, Sex and Love: 
A Memoir of Life under the Albuquerque Sun 
by Anne Key 
In Burlesque, Yoga, Sex and Love, Anne invites us to walk along the glittery, rhinestone-encrusted path of self-discovery as she confronts, and transcends, the established norms for middle-aged women. Set in picturesque Albuquerque, New Mexico, this memoir explores what it means to connect the body, mind and spirit through the practices of yoga and burlesque. By the end of the book, you will find yourself traveling outside the shadowy corners of fear and toward a brighter light where there is freedom to be found in accepting yourself and in learning to love what you find.

…personal, vulnerable, and honest… — Miss Indigo Blue

…the magic that happens when a woman of daring, sensuality and imagination takes off —and puts on—the costumes and characters she creates. —Elizabeth Cunningham

…challenges preconceived ideas of what an aging woman can do and be… —Dr. Lynn Sally

…the opportunity to redefine what it means to be ourselves… —Kellita Maloof

…a scrumptious and tantalizing tapestry… —Lola Frost

…how to be comfortable in one’s own skin…—Kitten de Ville

…a kind and gentle journey of self-acceptance. —Tonya Kay

…a world of rhinestones, friendship, and self-acceptance. —Dirty Martini

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