Brigit: Sun of Womanhood

an anthology edited by Patricia Monaghan

and Michael McDermott

Brigit: Sun of Womanhood offers a holistic picture of Brigit from her beginnings as a Celtic Goddess to her role as a Christian saint. The contributors to this anthology hail from all parts of the globe—including Ireland, Scotland, the United States and Canada—reflecting the widespread influence of Brigit. Readers will be transformed by this inspiring collection. 
This newest anthology from Goddess Ink is edited by Michael McDermott and Patricia Monaghan and features writers from Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the US including Carol Christ, Sr. Rita Minehan, M. Macha Nightmare, Dolores Whelan, Joan McBreen, Matthew Geden, and many others. 

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Paperback: 214 pages

Price: $18.95

Publisher: Goddess Ink (2013)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-9833466-3-0

Product Dimensions: 9x6x0.625 inches

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Included in this anthology:
Aline O’Brien (M. Macha NightMare): "Bridey: From Personal to Global"
Allison Stone: "Fa La La"
Annie Finch: "Brigit"
Barbara Ardinger: "Forging Finer Metal"
Barbara Callan: "In Search of Crios Bríde"
Barbara Flaherty: "Brigit’s Litany"
Bee Smith: "Bridget’s Mantle"
Betz King: "Inspiration and invocation: Creating a ritual with Brigit"
Carol Christ: "The Feast Day of Saint Bridget and Other Stories"
Cheryl Straffon: "The Search for Bride’s Well"
Cindy Thomson: "Brigid of Ireland, A Historical Novel (excerpt)"
Dolores Whelan: "Brigit: Cailleach and Midwife to a New World"
Eileen Rosensteel: "Forging"
Elizabeth Cunningham: Magdalen Rising (excerpt)
Emily Stix: "Growing up with Brigit"
Erin Johnson: "Reworking of an 11th Century Irish Prayer to Brigit"
H. Byron Ballard: "The Hem of Her Cloak: How Modern Brigit Worship Spread into the Southern Highlands of Appalachia"
Ita Roddy: "The Story of Brigit: A Conversation"
Jenny Beale: "A Garden for Brigit"
Jill Smith: "Brighde of the Isles"
Joan McBreen: "Poem for Saint Bridget’s Day"
Jude Lally:"The Great Bear Mother: A Journey with Brigit to the Ancient Dawn of Imbolc"
Kersten Christianson: "Brigit’s Light: A Break from Rain"
Kirsten Brunsgaard Clausen: "Brigit’s Runes in Sweden: The Völva and the Sun"
Kerry Noonan: "Got Milk?: The Food Miracles of Saint Bridget of Kildare"
Mael Brigde: "Goddess of Smiths"
Matthew Geden: "Saint Bridget’s Day"
Miriam Robbins Dexter: "Brigit, Sacred Virginity, and the Elements of Perpetual Energy"
Patricia Monaghan: "Dawn at Brigit’s Well"
Phoenix Lefae: "Sacred Tattooing: A Dedication to Brigit"
Sr. Rita Minihan: "Bridget and Kildare"
Ruth Barrett: "Invocation to Brigit" 
Sabina Magliocco: "Fire Will Make It Whole"
Slippery Elm: "Take Back the Hammer"
Stuart McHardy: "Bride in Scotland"
Szmeralda Shanel: "My Blood Song"
Valerie Freseman: "The First Keening"
Praise for Brigit: Sun of Womanhood

Bright: Sun of Womanhood is an encyclopedic compendium of various aspects of the female spirit.  Rather than being a daunting read, it is a delight from beginning to end.  There is something for everyone - male and female alike - within these pages, from the casual reader who is simply looking for light entertainment to the empathetic scholar seeking to broaden an already wide base of esoteric knowledge. The authors wisely have laid down no dictum of beliefs.  There is no dogma; no hard and fast perimeter.  The book is as transparent and full of joy as the spirit it celebrates, yet it also offers a serious, thought-provoking journey that will leave no pilgrim unmoved. –Morgan Llywelyn

author of Lion of Ireland and Druids.

This anthology is a deeply intelligent, wise, and alluring immersion into the living presence of Brigit, a creation of ritual space that is both ancient and immediate. ---Charlene Spretnak

author of Lost Goddesses of Early Greece

This wonderful collection of essays, poems, reflections, mediations and scholarship brilliantly captures the complexity, richness, and fertility of Brigit’s traditions. For many disenfranchised by male separatist religions, Brigit’s traditions allow us to hear ourselves think, and to hear each other into speech in thealogical mode. This volume will further spread Brigit’s cloak around the world, wrapping her followers in the comfort of her compassion, and inspiring them to weave their own cloaks, nurturing them as they protecting our vulnerable planet, Earth. –Mary Condren

author of The Serpent and the Goddess: Women, Religion and Power in Celtic Ireland and a forthcoming major study on Brigit, the Cailleach or Wise Woman of Ancient Ireland.   


Brigit, Sun of Womanhood, edited by Michael McDermott and Patricia Monaghan, is a comprehensive and compelling collection of fiction, poetry, essays and photographs that celebrate Brigit in all Her many manifestations as ancient Goddess, legendary Catholic abbess and saint, and modern-day archetype of the divine female. The stories shared in this anthology will delight and inform, whether or not one’s ethnicity is rooted in Celtic traditions. Like the color-drenched prisms of a finely crafted kaleidoscope, this book opens the reader’s eyes and heart to the magical, multi-faceted aspects of this Goddess’s legacy and the potent medicine She offers. Informative and entertaining, this anthology serves up a soul-quenching helping of milk and fire, poetry and ritual that’s sure to satisfy contemporary seekers.  ---Mary Saracino

co-editor of She Is Everywhere! Volume 3: An Anthology of Writings in Womanist/Feminist Spirituality (iUniverse 2012) and the author of the novel, The Singing of Swans (Pearlsong Press 2006). For more information visit:

The sweep and breadth of Brigit: Sun of Womanhood is much like the expansive goddess herself, beautifully amplified in this collection of essays.  The choice to include Pagans with Catholics, scholars with practitioners, poets with researchers – all give voice to the profound impact one fire goddess has had on the world.  To know that Monaghan and McDermott journeyed together with the book as editors as well as spouses through Monaghan’s final days with cancer makes it a precious gift to the world, filled with wisdom for many generations.– Holli Emore, Cherry Hill Seminary